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Mobile Event Bars FAQs


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Q: Is it actually like a bar in a restaurant?
A: Yes, it is designed to give your guests the ability to sit and relax at a real bar creating a fun atmosphere and centerpiece for any outdoor event.

Q: How many bartenders can fit?
A: The unit is very large and designed to hold up to 4 bartenders. There are 4 identical stations with the 8 beer taps centered so each bartender can easily access the taps quickly.

Q: How many seats does it accommodate?
A: The bar can comfortably handle 30 bar stools. There could easily be 100 guests standing around this bar and under the awning.

Q: How do you get a unit that big in place?
A: The unit is hauled on a 26 foot hydraulic trailer.  Once we arrive we back it into place, tilt the bed and then lower the unit into place.  We take all precautions to protect the grass, asphalt or concrete surface.

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