About Our Mobile Bar




Our Mobile Event Bar is a one of a kind, fully functional event bar that is designed to be utilized practically anywhere for any type of function. The purpose of this design is to bring to beer festivals, wine festivals, weddings and outdoor functions of all types something that has not been previously possible! The idea is to create the biggest draw for a brewery, restaurant or private function wanting to rent this unit as the center piece to showcase their product. The bar is designed to accommodate and will be provided with bar stools to encircle the entire structure creating an amazing atmosphere for outdoor parties.

The Mobile Bar is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and designed to be dropped in place at any outdoor venue. Rent it one for the day or for the summer!



The mini bar is a mobile modular set-up that can be used inside or outdoors. It consists of four (4) sections where two of the sections are fully functional bars each containing a 2-faucet draft system. The additional 2 sections can be used to make the bar longer or configure it into an island bar or C-shaped set-up.  The extra sections can also stand alone as community tables with the umbrellas. The two bar units have LED lighting that can be virtually any color and illuminate the front as well as the working are for the bartender.IMG_2721